Stamford Museum, Stamford, Lincolnshire

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Stamford Museum
Stamford Museum
The Stamford Museum depicts the town's history including many of the churches, buildings, industries and people.

The museum houses the Stamford Tapestry finished in 2000 taking 17 years to complete. It also houses a replica of Daniel Lambert's suit.
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Address Broad Street, Stamford, Lincolnshire, PE9 1PJ
Telephone 01780 766317
Location Stamford, Lincolnshire
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Church of St Mary & St Augustine, Stamford
In 1861, planes were drawn up to build a new church in Stamford.The Dolphin pub on Broad Street came on the market, and was bought for £1000, and in 1863 the work on the church began.
Stamford Corn Exchange Theatre, Stamford
A 400 seat theatre built within the shell of the original Corn Exchange Hall. Refurbished almost entirely by volunteers, and run throughout the year by volunteers.
The Hospital of William Browne, Stamford
Founded by William Browne in 1475, it looks like a church though is in fact a medieval almshouse used to accommodate the elderly.Be respectful if visiting as the almshouses are occupied.
St Mary's Vaults Inn, Stamford
St Mary's Vaults Inn, Stamford (less than 1 mile away)
A late medieval timber-framed inn still serving real ale.
Stamford Tourist Information Centre, Stamford
Lincolnshire's Tourist information centres are a useful resource for planning your trip to the county. The staff are brimming with local knowledge and ideas on how to get the most out of your visit.
Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford
Stamford Arts Centre, Stamford (less than 1 mile away)
Stamford Arts Centre provides you with the opportunity to experience and participate in a wide selection of art forms from theatre, music and film to sculpture, dance and drawing.The 160+ seat theatre also doubles up as a cinema which, over the last 15 years, has become a film hub for Stamford showing a wide range of genres including British, European and Art House to name a few.The theatre's ball...
St Mary's Church, Stamford
St Mary's Church, Stamford (less than 1 mile away)
The "Mother Church" as it is sometimes called is noticeable for its large broach spire. The earliest parts of the church date from the late 12th century, but the tower is early 13th century.A broach spire is a tall pyramidal or conical structure usually on the top of a tower or a turret. It starts on a square base and is carried up to a tapering octagonal.
St George's Church, Stamford
St George's Church, Stamford (less than 1 mile away)
St George's is of very early origin, possibly being mentioned in the Domesday Book.The church was rebuilt in the 17th century.
St John's Church, Stamford
St John's Church, Stamford (less than 1 mile away)
Founded sometime in the 12th century and rebuilt c1451. It now has a 15th century exterior which belies the main feature within.Rows of wooden angels with extended wings line the nave and chancel roof.
Red Lion Square, Stamford
Red Lion Square, Stamford (less than 1 mile away)
Stamford's ancient market place and pretty much the centre of Stamford. The building running along the south side of the square is thought to be a late medieval wool hall.